Bite The Mountain

CD Album (2011)

The brand new album. Includes A3 poster.

Balloon / Tsubomi / Claw And Tooth / In The Morning / Moth In The Motor / The Distance / Hedgehog / Rice Triangle / Time Makers / Tower Tower / Good Good Light / Anchoring / The Wind And The Mountain / Window


Balloon / Sticking In Pins

Ltd Edition Handmade Badge With Downloads (2011)

A badge containing original album artwork from Bite The Mountain (handmade by me), downloads for the single, a stop motion film, and an invite to join an open arts project. Each hand numbered. Click here to see me making the artwork and badges.

Balloon / Sticking In Pins / A Piece Of Original Album Artwork / Balloon Stop Motion Film / Arts Project Invite


Elephee EP

Ltd Edition CD EP (2010)

Every cover hand-painted using linocuts I made

Elephants Swimming / Owl Ears Wait / Your Storms / River Swimmers / Knew Your Hands

Pre-order for delivery on Sept 13th


Moth In The Motor

Ltd Edition 10" Vinyl Mini-Album (2010)

Hand-painted using linocuts from my Heads & Tails exhibition, every sleeve is different. Includes free digital version, bonus track & the animated video for Table.

Table / Caught In The Weight / Age Of The Clock / Until We Fall Apart / The Incident Of The Capsized Boat / Moth In The Motor / Elaine (In The Kitchen With Matches) - bonus track


After The Ant Fight

CD Album (2008)

Following The Geese / Table / What Will Be / Until We Fall Apart / Two Sisters / Ant & Bee / Get Your Cake & Your Spade / And So It Wells Up / Age Of The Clock / O Wind / Semolina / After The Ant Fight


The World Outside Is In A Cupboard

CDR Album (2007)

Lots of banjos and pianos, loops made from cuttlery and ticking clocks, and it stars my grandma!

Finger On The Button / The Wires / Caught In The Weight / Ships / Bold Bear / O-Mend-O-Darn-O / Grandma's Hands / Telephone / Iron Out / Hawk For A Heart / The Party / River Swimmers / And When I Cannot Dream


Songs From The Crypt

CDR Album (2006)

Recorded l
ive in a church crypt

Foroya / My Wealth that is You / The Carpenter / Birds & Horses
/ No Sleep in the Meadow / The Scientist / What We Wait For / Swan Song


Summer/Autumn Recordings

CD Album (2005)

9 tracks recorded in a back garden

Swimming for Gold / Aurora / Foroyar / One January Day / What We Wait For / The Scientist / No Sleep in the Meadow / Man from Thursday / My Wealth that is You


3 Albums In A Textile Pouch
With A Textile Badge

3 CDR Albums

The World Outside Is In A Cupboard, Songs From The Crypt, Summer/Autumn Recordings. Designs will vary.


Textile Badges & Mirrors

Every badge is individual, if you have a preference please send me a message and I'll see what I can do! Also if you want to order a mirror instead (they look the same on the textile side but turn them over and it's a mirror and not a badge!) then please send me a message. If you don't have a myspace account please contact me at

£12 for 3

Whalebone Polly - Taproot And Sill

10" Vinyl EP (2009)

Includes free digital version and bonus tracks

The Turnip Turned / Good Good Light / And Sometimes the Sea / Window


The Hand - Berries From The Rubble

CD Album (2008)

Wig Smith and I spent two weeks during late summer recording 10 songs in a front room and garden at the Self-Build Project in Bristol. On it we sing and play kora, banjo, guitar, ukulele, piano, harmonium, clarinet, autoharp and percussion.My sister Betsy has made an animation to the last track which comes with the album.

And Fold / Maroosia Hovering Wasp / What do you Know / Little Feet Running / On We Skip / The Wind Blows the Same Way / If He Did Go / Softly / Dove Come Rain


Whalebone Polly - Recordings
With The Window Open

CD Album (2004)

Sweetest In The Land / Do More Dancing / Blessed By The Devil / She Does / Boa / Harold And Maud / Don't Forget To Chew / No Sleep In The Meadow / Pigeons / Our Socks For Evermore / A Map