Thursday, 16 December 2010

More adventures in Kyushu


I documented the first of mine and Ichi`s performances of our southern tour in a previous blog. As we traveled further south into Kyushu with Yasu our friend who organised the tour, we were looked after so well everywhere we went, fed home grown and home cooked food to warm our hearts and feet as it grew wintery, were greeted by attentive audiences, and witnessed some amazing Kyushu musicianship.

Also I got to be a cat for a minute on the island of Nokonoshima, pretty cool as I lived half the time in the world of Haruki Mirukami, truly transported to a world where cats can talk and fish rain down from the sky. Kafka on the Shore is a really amazing book, and was brilliant to read on tour as the characters traveled a route similar to us. My reality was quite blurred at times!


Shegeko San shelling the soya beans she grew. She cooked them for us with rice. Oiishi! Such a kind host who I want to see again one day.


Space Tetra


Momokosan playing in Noconico cafe.

If I had to pick a favourite venue of our tour then Noconico cafe would be it. The island itself is agricultural, a mountain rising up out of the sea, a stones throw from the highrise metropolis of Fukuoka, but so so far away in so many ways. The cafe is tiny, but full to the brim of amazing colourful stuff: whales hanging from the ceiling, 7" records from china, old toys, children`s instruments...We stayed 2 nights on the island and were looked after so well by Shibattasan and Shokosan, the cafe owners. There is a video in my last blog of a communal performance, kitchen percussion at its best!

In Japan they know how to be cosy in winter. This is called kotatsu: under the table and within the blanket there is a glowing heater keeping us very toasty.

Ichi is a beautiful lady and I am a cat


This is Impalanoheso. I loved their understated, beautiful, and subtly comic performance.

Chikasan looked after us so well and she also played in Kumamoto with us. Her music was mysterious and lovely. It was complimented well by Czech animation.
She took us to a beautiful place in the mountains the next day to eat the fattest noodles I have ever come across. Oiishi! And we ate a lot of Mikan



Yasu did such a good job of organising for us and he`s a fun travelling partner. Thank you Yasu, so many good memories


I played 2 nights ago in an old house in Nagoya with Bridget St John and Japanese musician Taku from Kyoto. Quite a magical evening.

Bridget St. John and her audience. She is a weaver of Warmth.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rachael Dadd @Hikari.B-st 2010.12.05

OUR SOUTH JAPAN TOUR is under way, and the 8hr journey was sunny and warm and the service station we stopped at had delights not yet to be matched by any other. They included a pomegranite tree, a smokey valley, and a moth on the blue tiled wall in the men`s toilet.

Me and Eiichi had a salty air stroll before playing today in Yamanashi, and here we are at our gig today, Yamaguchi, 3pm sunshine, cats sniffing at Eiichi`s instruments, a pretty great day to start off our southern Japan tour

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Here is my photo and drawing diary of the past month in Japan. I traveled with Ichi north to the island of Hokkaido where we got to soak in many hot springs (onsen), and witness the beautiful scenery with the mountains (yama) and autumn leaves (kouyou). We also got to play to some lovely audiences and stay with some brilliant people along the way. To the left is our transport (an old post van), and to the right a bus stop at the foot of a volcano, Touya, Hokkaido.

Rainy morning, Mito

spiders (kumo), service station
moon (suki), Morioka
tape box, the van
Onsen hotel, near Sendai
Ichi, yoga
grasses, from the van window

me and Ichi playing in an old house, Hirosaki, where I also had an exhibition

ferry to Hokkaido

playing in Hakodate
roadside farmshop
Yoga, Chaihana, Touya, Hokkaido
Touya, Hokkaido
Chaihana, Touya, Hokkaido
Chikachan drawing me
Daisan and family Chaihana
opening act in Sapporo, Hokkaido (names I forget, but she was lovely and I enjoyed drawing to her music)

Luisan and Tamichan, Yagiya, Sapporo, Hokkaido
we were looked after and fed amazing homemade bread and blackberry jam for 3 days
40hrs on the ferry back to Nagoya from Hokkaido

Tonchan`s garden, countryside near Kyoto

and home to Nagoya