Tuesday, 29 May 2012

D.I.Y is all you need - London Group Exhibition opening 1st June

D.I.Y is all you need exhibition is opening this Friday at Utrophia in Deptford.
The collaborative show with lots of artistic musical pals will run until the 14th June.
There will be opportunities to get involved yourselves in the show by adding stitches, making sound, see-sawing and coloring in.
You can have a look at Francois` video for his public collaborative piece he`s putting in the show here... It`s a song we`ve made together - it`s black and white at the moment and so he calls for people to add colour

STITCH TOGETHER, my recent exhibition in Japan, featured a public sewing project which I am now bringing to London. So please come and add your blue stitches...(in Japan it was orange/pink spectrum)

There will also be music on the 1st but it will be a surprise as to just what that will be...
Come and see...come and join in...D.I.Y is all you need

And while I`m talking about exhibition stuff - here is a film of a sewing & music collaboration event that I did with ICHI and Eri Kitayama for the closing event of STITCH TOGETHER

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

UK shows and exhibition around the corner

I have waved a farewell yet again to Japan, a country I love, and hello yet again to England, another country I love - it`s a fair exchange - I`m bound to miss the sour plums, but a bit of tasty cheese should make up for that (I have missed cheese very much)

Tommorrow I will play my first homecoming show
23rd May - Chapel Gallery Series, London - unplugged night with The Magic Lantern https://www.facebook.com/events/316807425057612/

Next month I will play at London`s King`s Place on the 22nd June with two headlining sets making the most of the grand piano, songs old and new, solo and with other musicians joining in the shape of ICHI, Thomas Heather (Eyes and No Eyes) and Emma Gatrill (Sons of Noel and Adrian, and Laish), and my sister Betsy Dadd projecting her animations and doing a spot of live drawing. 
Tickets: http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on-book-tickets/music/rachael-dadd?tid=23
and here`s a podcast - me and Ben Eshemade of Arctic Circle chatting about music and Japan and things if you fancy a listen

From the 1st to the 14th June I will be participating in a group exhibition called DIY is All You Needat Utrophia, Deptford high street along with many like minded musical and artistic comrades such as Rozi Plain, ICHI, sister Betsy Dadd, Kate Stables of This is The Kit, Francois of Francois and the Atlas Mountains, Alessi`s Ark, and recent addition to the running of things, a bit of a DIY hero of mine from over the water - Jeffrey Lewis. FREE Opening live event will take place on the 1st June
more about it over at Broken Sound: http://www.brokensoundmusic.com/diy-is-all-you-need.htm

Here`s a few pieces by others that will be in the exhibition

 by Louise Kelly Phillips

 by Kate Stables

by Francois Marry