Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tsunami fundraiser at Kings Place

Last month 10 of us put on a night of music, animation and live drawing at Kings Place in London to raise money for Japan Tsunami Redcross Appeal and Nomadamura, (an island south from the disaster who are inviting families who`ve lost everything to come and live there, as well as funding individuals from the island to go to the affected areas and to help)

It`s recently been announced that from ticket sales and the market we raised a total of £1685.30 HIP HIP HOORAY

The night that happened in three sections: section 1 SOLO, section 2 TWOS and THREES with animation from Betsy Dadd and Beatrice Baumgarten, and section 3 ALL TOGETHER with live drawing from Louise Phillips.

During the night people drew the musicians from a table on the stage and sold the drawings on the market

At the end we cut the power and lit candles and played acoustically as a reaction to the nuclear power disaster in Fukushima

Here is a photo diary of the night

Kate (this is the kit), Wig Smith and Ichi at soundcheck

Me and Kate and the patient and level headed Neil doing sound

post sound check, pre performance

at the table on the stage

Wig Smith accompanied by Ichi on steel pan and me on clarinet

Kate and Lou Phillips drawing us from the table on the stage

Kate drawing shadows of cherry blossom


at the table on the stage

Betsy drawing

Me and Kano on saxaphone, betsy`s animation projected, with all at the table drawing

Betsy`s animation to the rice song (recipe for onigiri/japanese rice triangles)

Rozi Plain and all with Lou Phillips doing projected live drawing

Kate and all

Carrie Hitchcock and all

Power cut