Monday, 28 February 2011


Rozi onboard

Rozi Plain came to join me and Ichi for 3 weeks of joyful triangle adventures around Japan.
She made a cosy nest in the back of our van. Her music was loved everywhere we went. So good to have her along with us.

Guggenheim, Kobe

Our first stop was Guggenheim in Kobe where we spent the first few days,
and where spring sprung up early to surprise us so we could have breakfast in the garden

Before playing our own shows, while staying at the Guggenheim we got to see Ishibashi Eikosan, Doddodo and the girl in the drawing below who`s name I don`t know, but who`s performance left me shaking at the knees it was so scarey. I didn`t understand the words but Eiichi told me after that she sung about chopping up boars and eating their hearts, and such things. She looked about 12 years old. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

I could have listened to Ishibashi Eikosan`s piano songs for hours, it was so beautiful and dark, amazing dischordant piano solos turning into flourishing harmony. Doddodo was lovely to watch. She had forgotten to bring her sampler which is her main instrument, but she played songs she could just about remember on guitar and paino and as she issuch a natural performer it was a joy just to see her having a nice time on stage

Recording at the Guggenheim

Inadasan recorded me playing the grand piano on his 4 track tape machine,
and later banjo with Rozi and Ichi

First show at Cafe Yugue, Kyoto

Daichan the proprietor, and creator of the most delicious bagels in the world

counting triangles

Playing in the Guggenheim

Colourful adventures in Kobe


hungry, onaka suita

full, onaka ippie

Mountain Temple, Himeji


Ferry to Naoshima Art Island

Naoshima used to be one of Japan`s rubbish dumping sites, which makes it all the more inspiring that it`s now an art island full of installations within various houses, a shinto jinja (above) and even the onsen has been turned into an installation with a giant elephant that stands above you as you wash

the beach on Naoshima was full of washed up beach glass, maybe from the rubbish dumping days. We spent over an hour hunting for triangular beach glass


Onimichi is one of my favourite places in Japan and one I think that you can`t capture on camera. There`s a magical feeling to the place....mountains, rivers and the sea, temples and jinjas and rope walks as the mountain`s alley ways lead you higher. I felt like I was in a Hayao Miazaki animation the first time I went there and then found out
it`s actually where the animator grew up.

Playing in an Old Cinema, Hiroshima


This chef specialised in dipping his own hands in the vat of boiling oil as he cooked tempura. This we heard later is not that uncommon, and embodies a tradition of Japanese crafts` men where by you must test your inner strength to produce something of real quality. The food was amazing, possibly the most delicious thing we`d ever eaten.


It snowed the night we stayed in this mountain house, inhabited by 5 people, plus many other snowed in visitors. We sledged and then made a bonfire in the snow. The next morning it was like spring


Calling in on Naoki Ijima`s (of Angel`s Egg) record shop,
and then calling in on Mayfair studio run by Eri`s family who are all designers

a quick photo in the elevator turned out like a photoshoped promo photo! And the following day we must still have unwittingly been in band promo shot mode. We went to an amazing onsen with Hiroshi (Tokyo organiser) and Maimai our good friend who helped us out on tour


stopped off to buy 3 matching fish caps from a workman`s clothes store


miss two oncores rozi plain

The final night of the triangle tour, Graf, Osaka

unbelievable really, the amount of effort that goes into things in Japan.
They made 3 tea blends at our final show and named them after us

Last days

Recording in the public bath (sento)


And so it was, The Triangle tour had to come to an end. Thank you Ichisan for organising such a brilliant tour. Farewell dear Rozisan x x x x