Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bristol Introducing session

3 days left to listen,
slightly self indulgent 40minute chat about my album,
all the songs get aired and three of them were played live in the studio

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bite The Mountain Tour continued

travelling forth pack-horses style


Greg Ashby warmed up the stage to the friendly crowd in Winchester Hyde Tavern with beautiful songs old and new. Incredibly excited about his new album in the making. His last (Greg's Songs) has had 'heavy rotation' (favourite Japanese phrase) in my player

Rozi Plain with Kano


and onwards to Reading South Street Arts




Perhaps my favourite show of the whole tour. Wilkomen Collective's Danny of Laish hired out a cosy basement room which became packed on selling out. Everyone in that room was a-glowing with good energy and the intamacy was truly helped along with the absence of any PA, or even plug sockets come to think of it. And I had the privilege of being joined by Danny, Marcus and Emma of the Wolkommen Collective, as well as the trusty Rozi and Ichi


The last night of Club Anenome, although we reckon it's just hibernating, tentagles retracted, resting but poised for action when the time is next right, hey Paul!?


Illustration of me and Kano at Truck by Tom Watson


No photos of my performance, but lovely memories, wonderful warm crowd, a friendly heckler, apples from a tree given to those who could dance to my songs or who came on stage to join in, alone in the Wilderness, but not alone. Made some new friends including fellow Folk Guild Stage performers Steve Fin and Jack Cheshire.

the amazing art of balancing stones on show



A week before Greenman we had our heads glued to screens making films. It was worth it. Thank you Arctic Circle for having us in your amazing space.

Here are photos of Ichi to film of Japan, Me to Betsy Dadd's animation, The Hedgehog ensemble (Bristol's finest Kano and Steve, Marcus and Emma of Wilkommen Collective, Ichi, Rozi and myself) to Hedgehog in the Fog by
Yuriy Norshteyn, and Rozi Plain to Betsy Dadd's animation

days song writing retreat
river severn, castle, gaps in the clouds, Japanese picnic


While I was in Chepstow Ichi was building new sounds from old


James Boyce played a beutiful set on a chair with Middle Ones singer singing too, on a chair

The new percussion instrument that Ichi made gave his set a home-made techno edge, while people of stokes croft gathered outside to watch