Tuesday, 12 April 2011

KINGS PLACE, Tsunami fundraiser this friday

hello everyone, the Kings place gig is just around the corner and this is the kit, rozi plain, ichi, myself and the hand plus others, are busy preparing, rehearsing as a group, making a hand-made program, baking cakes for the market, and working with the animation. It promises to be an amazing evening and even more so for the fact that all the profit will help the tsunami victims in Japan. So please come and join us. Get cheaper tickets ahead of time http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/music/folk-union/rachael-dadd-friends
I`ve been watching the disasters unfold in Japan to a nation of people I've grown to know and love. During my time spent travelling in japan over the last 3 years I have been shown a truly amazing amount of kindness & warmth. Always interested, always fun, so keen to learn and understand other cultures, Japanese people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable as a nation. I will always be indebted for the experiences I am continually given in Japan.

Please come together and share a night of music and projections from myself and friends (a lot of whom have also experienced such kindness in Japan. As well as lots of live music, there will be projections of animation and live drawing and we will show some of our time in Japan through photos and film)

All the profits of this event will be shared equally between the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal and Nomadamura, an island community south from the disaster who are offering shelter and food for many families from the northern regions hit by the Tsunami.


rehearsing in Carrie's kitchen

Just after the Tsunami a dark cloud of misery and worry seemed to be on everyone, even those in the South not directly effected. But almost straight away people started to organise fundraising concerts. I was involved in 3 concerts and in that atmosphere I felt like I discovered that music is even more important than I had previously thought. There was a really amazing feeling of unity and warmth. Everyone was so kind to one another. Even more so than usual. And I also got to play with some amazing musicians, some of whom I had never heard before. While the worry of radiation was making me want o leave Japan, I was discovering people and music that gaves me a very good reason to stay. Here below are some musicians I got to play with

Naoto Kawate

Tennis Coats

Umeda Tetsuya (performance artist and musician)

Makoto Inada