Saturday, 30 June 2012

More collaborative glowing - Join in !

Recently i`ve been continuing to reap the rewards of some more collaborative fun. Doing it yourself is rewarding in it`s own way and I still enjoy and often feel the need for some solitary creativity. But being open to shared experiences and getting good things done with other people is certainly something that gets me glowing. I`ve been getting a good amount of this type of glow this year both in Japan (Stitch together exhibition and live collaborations) and now back in the UK. Here are some more collaborative things I`ve been up to with others in recent weeks. And at the bottom are two ongoing projects that you can join in with if you fancy.

Kings Place - June 22nd
with a band and projections by sister Betsy Dadd 
and live drawing from Betsy and Sophie

Emma Gatrill (Sons of Noel and Adrian), harp, clarinet and new addition - bass clarinet
Tom Heather (Eyes and No Eyes) drums
ICHI - steel pan and percussion

 Betsy and Sophie sat at a table at the side of the stage recorded the event in drawings and paintings that were snapped up for donations at the end

`D.I.Y. is all you need`
group exhibition at UTROPHIA, Deptford
1st - 14th JUNE

This was a collaboration between like minded friends who make both music and art and who hold a DIY ethos at the heart of all they do. And there was lots to interact with for the visitors of the exhibition too - coloring in, adding stitches, playing ICHI`s xylophone and swinging in Rozi`s swing boat

DIY - Do It Yourself
DIT - Do It Together

This looks set to be a traveling and blossoming show/idea to stay tuned

Alessi Laurent-Marke (Alessi's Ark – Bella Union)
Rachael Dadd (Broken Sound)
Fran├žois Marry (Fran├žois & The Atlas Mountains – Domino Records)
Kate Stables (This Is The Kit – Dreamboat / Brasslands)
Rozi Plain (Fence Records)
ICHI (Coup Records)
Thomas Heather (Eyes & No Eyes – Broken Sound)
Jeffrey Lewis (Rough Trade)
Benjamin Meschko
Louise Phillips
Will Newsome
Jonathan Farr
Carrie Hitchcock

Rozi adding the final touches to the swing boat

smoothies at the openning night

a visitor adding color to Francois` Colour Me In project that will become an animation soon

 patiently adding stitches to my Stitch Together project - 
this little girl stood on a stool sewing for about an hour

 ICHI`S xylophone came home with thousands of little dents from 
everyone`s enthusiastic playing

Alessi with her work 

 Rozi, Francois and Kate performing in the much loved Swing Boat

playing with Thomas Heather - drums and all aboard

 Louise Phillips doing some live drawing 
while Will Newsome performed kora in the boat (swung very high by a volunteer)


Spreading the onigiri word that onigiri is better than a sandwich!
 I have been selling onigiri (Japanese rice ball) recipes at shows and asking people to send in pictures. Send an e-mail to if you want me to post one to you (in exchange for about £1.50 including postage)  or come and get one from a show


Anyone who has bought or will buy the Balloon single or the Claw and Tooth single (which is a download code on the back of a badge containing a little piece of a big mountain map I made from all sorts of old bits of paper) can join in by sending a photo of their badge in a location of personal significance. The big mountain is like a map of my travels and this is like tracking the pieces on the next stage of the journey. They are all grid referenced. You may be confused - there`s more in an earlier blog post which you can read here 

If I get enough submissions I`d like to do an exhibition or something so please send in a picture if you have a badge.

Here are a few submissions so far

27T from Charley Sharp

 24L from Matt Howard

 14L from Noco Nico Cafe, Japan

you can nip over and get your single from the broken sound shop