Sunday, 17 June 2012

Preparing the piano

Recently I have spent a few days with the piano prepared, enjoying the satisfying sounds of blobs of masking tape, bits of ballon, paper clips and a pot of rice inside the pianos workings. I plan to perform a few of my discoveries this Friday 22nd at my headlining show at King`s Place. I will play two sets, songs old and new, one set solo and one with a band including Tom Heather of Eyes and No Eyes on drums, Emma Gatrill on clarinet and ICHI on steel pan. My sister Betsy Dadd who is studying at the royal college of art will project her animations as part of the show.

For more about the King`s Place show go to the links below

here are some things you might get to see some of on Friday...

prepared piano

Tom playing drums with a wooden knife during my set at 
No Direction Home festival

and here`s a video from No Direction Home

Betsy`s artwork